THAT Space
THAT Space is the opposite of this space, if this space was a definable space that is!
THAT space is a shared artist studio space located in Newtown Johannesburg. The studio can house up to four artists at a time depending on the type of artwork produced. THAT space is a very relaxed and open platform specifically targeted at artists who enjoy collaboration and who would like a base to experiment with their ideas. THAT space has regular open studio events showcasing process work or developing projects as well as exhibitions created and curated by the artists in residence.
This is Syrious - Five Prints and their Evolution
Fiver Locker is a German artist based in Brighton England. She is currently working in THAT space and producing a series of prints with artist and print-maker Sanele Jali (Assemblage) in Newtown. Her work involves unravelling and processing the complexities of migration; forced or otherwise. Somewhat of a nomad herself, Locker fuses historical cultures and belief systems with current news-based ideology to produce contemporary, poster-like images. The images employ a variety of processes (screen printing, digital art, lino printing, water colour), seemingly just as complex, layered and influential as her subject matter. Sincere, important and impactful, Locker’s work explores what it means to be a citizen of the world today.
Her exhibition will open on the 15 April 2016 - 22 April 2016
@ THAT Space 41 Gwi Gwi Mrwebi St Newtown.
Parking at Newtown Junction Mall.
For more information please contact